Carpet Cleaning London

Has the dog burst through the back door covered in mud- and straight across the carpet? Has your bundle of joy thrown the rattle off the feeding chair-along with the bottle of milk and bowl of pureed spag bol? Kids rushed in and haven't taken there shoes off.again. That's not to mention the spilt tea and a whole host of little marks whose identity are a mystery to you! Dust mites themselves aren't allergens-but the faeces they leave behind are.and they produce around 20 dropping a day.

Dust mite allergy is extremely common and is most associated with asthma, eczema and rhinitis. These can develop in a dirty carpet and are also connected to damp and mould. This can cause you some very unpleasant reactions including stomach infections, reduced immune system and further triggering of allergies. For a while now it has been known that outside contamination levels, especially in soil, can reach the same concentration levels in your home.