SYK Cleaning

Many tenants find it hard to get their deposits back, even when they feel there is no reason for anything to be deducted from their bonds. At SYK Cleaning, we give you the best chance of getting your deposit back by providing professional end of tenancy cleaning of the highest standard once your rental agreement comes to an end. We have been in the industry for many years and have seen many competitors come and go since we first entered the business.

It’s easy to feel exploited when your deposit is not returned to you. When you enlist our services, you can ensure your landlord has no reason to withhold your deposit due to a lack of cleanliness. Some companies promise to deliver first-class end-of-tenancy services, yet the outcome can leave a lot to be desired. We are passionate about providing the most impressive service we possibly can.

We know exactly how it feels to have your deposit withheld from you unfairly and offer a simple plan to help you get back what is owed to you. Rather than providing an unrealistic ‘deposit back’ guarantee, we provide the cleaning guarantee to optimise the chances of your deposit being returned to you if we don’t get it right the first time.